Why would I “LIKE” thee?

Enrico Feria Fan PageI am not a celebrity. I am just a boy who likes to cook. Through some heavenly intervention, I was given the opportunity to participate in a cooking show that turned out to be a huge success. It helped me become more interested in cooking, and it also helped me to become noticed.

Just a few days ago, my mom helped me set up a fan page on Facebook. My mom was skeptical at the idea at first because she wanted me to stay humble. But finally, she said yes, and two days ago, she gave me what I asked for. She even asked all her friends to LIKE my fan page….thanks mom!

The real reason why she said yes was because she wanted to bring attention to our charity, The Healthy Kidchen. If people visit my fan page, they might see what our charity is all about, and might end up supporting our efforts to feed the kids at Holy Spirit Elementary School , a public school in Commonwealth.

The principal told us that many of these kids are repeaters because they are too hungry to comprehend their lessons…I even saw some 11 year old kids in Grade 3, because they have repeated a few times.

I also want a fan page because I want more people to know me better. I want to have lots of friends who can post  and share cooking  ideas with me. I also wish to have more readers on my blog called “The Junior Chef”. If more kids read my blog, more kids would appreciate how much fun cooking can be.

If I have convinced you enough, please do like my fan page

Thank you very much! Let’s keep cooking !

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