What I Did Last Saturday

It was a rainy month. There were a lot of flood victims and many lost their homes.   I went to the UP Diliman gym with 3 of my siblings and my mom to  donate clothes and shoes to the flood victims.




We also  helped pack goods for them. A lot of people   helped. Some donated clothes and shoes. Some people donated medicine, food,  and toiletries. The Aboitiz Foundation helped by sending goods like water. Some schools even helped  sort  and deliver goods to affected areas. They have a drop off point for the donation.

My mom and 2 sisters helped fold clothes.There are stations according to the task. There’s a station for folding clothes, sorting packaged goods and canned food. And finally they have the packing stations and loading station.

They used the U.P. jeep and mililary truck from the UP ROTC to send the boxes and sacks of goods. It was so cool to see a real live military truck with soldiers.

Everything was sorted properly. Even the trash are sorted, Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable.

We ate lunch at Rodic’s and went back to the  U.P. gym to help. My brother and I didn’t get to do much because we left for a few hours for our judo classes but we still helped   pack the food and clothes when we came back. Everyone looks very tired but me.

That’s all for today, everyone! Good bye!

2 thoughts on “What I Did Last Saturday

    • Yes pwede po ninyo gamitin pero alin po sa mga photos ang kailangan?
      Saan din po ba ninyo i popost yung photo kung pwede ko po malaman

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