Caramia Gelateria Gelato Cake

February 9

My papa came home with a box of Caramia Gelateria Banana Blast. He gave it to my mom as a Valentine’s Day Gift.  There’s an ice pack in the insulated bag to keep the cake cold. The cake costs P860 & the insulated bag is P200.

The cake has banana, strawberries, chocolate, 3 flavors of ice cream and a chocolate crust. The ice cream and chocolate makes it sweet and the frozen strawberries make it a bit sour. I like the combinations because it’s simple and awesome.I like the crust because it tastes like oreo. It’s surrounded with a thin layer of cake with a great design.

Ice Pack

Ice Pack

P200 Bag

P200 Bag

Banana Blast

Banana Blast

Thank you for reading guys.

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