Halo-Halo Turon

P1040542 “Turon”or banana spring rolls are a common snack / dessert in Manila. It is popular across income classes and had survived generations because it is simple, affordable and yet delicious. Typically, it consists of banana (plantain) and jackfruit wrapped in spring rolls and deep fried with brown sugar. Over the years, other fillings have been used along with the banana …sweet potato, mango,cheese,coconut….

haloMy version is easy to cook because it gets rid of the caramelized brown sugar , which is what makes cooking “turon” more challenging.

Halo Halo is another Filipino dessert that consists of sweetened fruit mixed with evaporated milk and crushed ice. “Halo Halo Turon” uses the fruits found in halo halo as filling for the “turon”.


6 pieces plantains
1 cup bottled purple yam

1 cup bottled coconut sport strings

1 cup bottled jackfruit

spring roll wrapper

2 tbsp. flour



1.Unwrap the plantain

22. Slice into half

33. Spread 1 tbs purple yam on the spring roll paper

44. Layer the plantain, one slice jackfruit, and about 4 slices coconut sport string.

55. Roll the pastry, closing the sides.

66. Combine flour with 2tbsp syrup from the bottled jackfruit or coconut sport.

7. Wipe the flour-syrup mixture at the end of the roll, Deep fry until golden brow. Serve with vanilla ice cream.






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