Happy Father’s Day Lolo Rafael!

Dedicated to Lolo Rafael

Lolo Rafael is an awesome grandparent. He’s always working in his office in the states and when he stays here for vacation he’s fixing his house. He’s still a great lolo because when I was a kid he bought me and my siblings toys and stuff.  He also made us laugh and sometimes argues with mom but she doesn’t mind that much because she loves him.

Lolo Rafael and I

Lolo Rafael and I

My mom said he’s a great cook and I want to learn stuff from him but he’s not always here. I hope I get the chance to learn from him once all his work are done and when he stays here.

He took great care of my Mom and now she’s taking good care of us.

Thank you Lolo Rafael for being an awesome, caring Dad and Lolo.

Love, Eco

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