Volcanoes, Geysers and Gravity

I watched a bunch of Bill Nye videos. I watched about volcanoes, geysers and gravity.

Let’s start with volcanoes, volcanoes contain magma. Magma is made of melted rock from the Mantle. Magma comes out of a volcano when it erupts. The magma cools down and turns back to solid rock. Open volcanoes release magma when it erupts. Closed volcanoes release poisonous gas when it erupts.

A geyser is almost the same as a volcano only it spits out boiling hot water. The water is coming from an underground water source. it is heated by the earth’s mantle and when enough pressure is built it spits it upwards.

Gravity is a force that pulls everything to the center of the earth. Gravity was discovered by Galileo Galilei. He tested the theory be dropping a cannon ball and an apple from the top of the tower of Pisa. The  cannon ball and the apple hit the ground at the same time.


Electric Circuit

September 18, 2015

Dad handed me a small packet from TED. Inside there are items to create an electric circuit.  It contained small LED light bulbs, a battery and silver threads.

In order to make an electric circuit you need a power source, a load and wires.


I connected the threads to the battery by tightly tying one end on the battery and the other on the bulb. I did this twice, one for the positive side and the other for the negative side of the battery.