Food Web and Light

Today I watched Bill Nye about food web and light.

Basically, everything we eat comes from plant.

All food  comes from plants. Meat like cows and pigs eat plants to survive. Humans like you and me eat the meat and gain the nutrients that the meat has.

Food Web is a consumer system. Take an apple tree for example, the tree gets food through photosynthesis. The tree produces apples, the apples are consumed by animals like pigs. The pigs gain nutrients from the apple and we humans eat the pig and gain nutrients.

Plants are called producers because they produce food from the sun. Humans and animals are called consumers because we eat the plants and other animals for nutrients.


Refraction happens when light is bent by a piece of plastic or glass. This happens because light travels through solid things at different speeds. There are a few kinds of lights. Natural light is like the sun or a bonfire. Light can also be produced by chemical reactions like a light bulb and the light of an angler fish. 

A telescope is an example of light refraction. A telescope has a few mirrors inside. The light bounces off the mirrors and into your eyes retina.

Putting a straw in a glass of water causes the light to bend. If you look at a curved mirror you will see the opposite of your reflection.

Light can change color when it hits a prism.The light is refracted and the light bends in different angles.

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