My Top 5 Restaurants

1. 8 Cuts

I like 8 Cuts because they have interesting burger combinations. They also have good appetizers like the onion rings that taste like garlic.

You can watch them mix your burger through the glass windows.

The SM Megamall branch has great service and they have a clean toilet .

The Piggy

The Piggy

2. Yabu

Yabu comes in second because I like Japanese food and they have big servings. They have unlimited rice, veggies, fruits and miso soup when you order a katsu. The veggies are cut thinly and they have big servings. It takes about 15 min. for the food to arrive but it’s worth the wait.

The service is great.

3. Torch

I like Torch because their steaks are tender and have a lot spices on it. They also have really thin pizzas and I like the flavors.

The service is fast.

4. Abe

I like Abe because I like Filipino food. They have creative dishes like the Ube Sinigang, which is colored purple.

The service is great.

5. Recipes

I like Recipes because I love the General’s Chicken and the Gising-Gising. The chicken is a bit spicy and sweet. The vegetables are spicy and it has coconut milk.

The service is great.

Lunch at Watami

It was a bright warm day and we went to Shangri-la Mall. We walked around and we started to get hungry. We passed  by Watami and their menu looked interesting.

We asked a for a table of 7 and we were seated.

They have ramen, skewers, sushi, sashimi, irodori sushi,  tempura, stone pots or rice bowls, hot plates, hot-pot, alcoholic beverages and desserts.

We ordered Watami salad for P425 as an appetizer. It has corn, chicken, shrimp, sea weed and some kind of crunchy strips.

The shrimps are cold but the chicken is warm. The salad doesn’t have any dressing so it’s not sweet or anything. It’s tasted really interesting because the chicken strips are grilled and has the smoke taste. The combinations of the salad are smokey and crunchy.

Watami Salad

Watami Salad

I ordered Beef short ribs on stone pot for P355. The food arrived and it was served on a hot stone pot. The bees strips are soft and it has soy sauce and rice underneath. I like the beef but there are only like 5 small slices on it. You have to mix it a lot because if you don’t the rice will cook to a crisp. The serving is enough for 1 person.

The place looks nice and the bathrooms are clean and big.

Lunch at H.Cuisine

We were at Tomas Morato St. We entered H.Cuisine and the restaurant is small. We sat near the door and we looked at the menu.

We ordered salad that has a berry sauce and chicken on it. Their specialty is called Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly for P428. I ordered the Beef belly and we waited.

The salad came in and it looks interesting. We tasted it and the berry sauce is sweet and the chicken is cold. The salad is creative with that nice berry dressing.

The beef came and it looks so delicious with that hot gravy and fatty beef. The serving is good for 2 – 3 people and it comes with veggies and potatoes. The potatoes are small and it has flour on it but not fried. The veggies have corn, carrot, beans and sayote with butter. The meat is soft and it’s really good.












They have a promo for when your bill reaches P1000 they’ll give you a free Angus Beef Flakes Bowl. It’s basically just the Angus Beef Belly just flaked and has more rice.

It tastes really

Lunch at VIKINGS!


Lots of people!

Lots of people!

Last week, we went to SM North EDSA at The Block, for lunch. We tried Vikings because it’s the newest buffet –it just opened last February 18.

We stood in line at 10:30 am and reserved a table for 7.  We were lucky to be customer number 25.

When we entered Vikings I started to examine the   place to know which was my first dish for the day.


My first serving:

I got sushi, maki, sashimi and rolls for my appetizer. I got a lot of strange-looking maki. I also got some spicy, sweet and salty maki, sushi, sashimi and rolls. I found the tempura on  green rice maki very delicious!


My second serving:

IMG_3409I got a plate of calamari, chicken, freshly cooked potato chips and a bowl of pasta. Now it’s time to dig in. The calamari is crunchy outside and soft  inside. The chicken is crunchy but a little too salty. The pasta I ordered has red sauce, chorizo, bacon and parmesan cheese.

My third serving:

There was a long queue for the  baby back ribs, lechon kawali, lamb leg cuts and tenderloin cuts. I only ordered  2 baby back ribs , dunked twice in the BBQ sauce  upon my request.  I got fried rice, two  rounds of freshly cooked potato chips , and Mexican nachos. The baby back ribs were very tender and smokey. I love Vikings Baby back ribs! The Mexican nachos were a little soft because the sauce was on it for too long

My fourth serving:

I got 2 scoops of mint chocolate ice cream, 1 scoop of cookies and cream and 1 scoop of dark chocolate ice cream. The mint ice cream has a lot of chocolate chips and mint flavor. YUM!

For the final round, I got 3 servings of fruit salad.

There are also different kinds of bread, brownies, sweets, stews, dim sum, drinks and grilled seafood. I was stuffed.

When we left at 1 pm, there was a huge crowd outside. They were only starting to call in customer number 99! They all looked very hungry.

IMG_3410 IMG_3397The place is spacious.

The toilets are clean, and the service was good.

The set up is better than Dad’s because the food are on the sides rather than all in the middle.

4**** stars for the service

5***** stars for the food

Thumbs up for VIKINGS!

Thumbs Up!

That’s all for today folks. See you all next time!

Lunch at Tres

Two weeks ago, we tried Tres at SM North Edsa because we wanted to avail of their promo. When your bill amounts to P 1,000 they’ll let you avail of a Crispy Pata worth P 563 for only P33. Great deal, right?

We asked for a table for 7. We ordered Gising-Gising, Sizzling Adobo Beef Belly, Lechon kawali Dinuguan, Crispy Hito, Pandan rice, Kalkag rice, Ensaladang talong, Crispy Pata and Kare Kare.

I love the Lechon Kawali Dinuguan because the sauce is separated from the meat. The pork is tender and the skin is crunchy. I wonder how they made the sauce without the meat because I know that the flavor comes from the meat as it is cooked. The Adobo Beef Belly is very soft and flavorful and sizzling hot. The Gising Gising has   a little bit of mayo in the middle. ( I’m not a fan of mayo ) The hito is served  sliced. The head and  tail were included on the  plate for better food presentation. The fish is seasoned with salt and pepper. It’s soft inside but crunchy outside.  The Kare Kare is outstanding because the meat is soft and it tastes like it’s been boiling for a long time. The crispy pata is crunchy and juicy, unlike Max’s Crispy pata, which is a little bit dry. The ensaladang talong has vinegar , which I didn’t like. The Kalkag rice has a lot of small dried shrimp  and unlike other kalkag rice that I tried at other restaurants. this one isn’t salty and not oily.

We spent a total of around P1,200. For a party of 7, that’s less than P 200 per person — almost the same price as lunch at Jollibee.

Deconstructed Dinuguan


Fried Tilapia
The Bar

Thumbs up for Tres!

Thumbs up for Tres!

That’s all for today everyone give one round of applause for Tres!

Thank you for the awesome food!

5*****stars for you!

Adios everyone!

Our Big Day at Trinoma


Last week, my family and I we went  to  Sumo Sam . We sat at a table near the kitchen,  ordered sushi for our appetizer, then inspected the menu. We eat at Sumo Sam all the time….this must already be our 50th visit or so……and were surprised to find something new on the menu…..

The Anime Burgers and Roboto Dogs caught my eye at once. The names of the sandwiches were amusing….Mazinger Z Chili and Grendizer Breakfast burgers, and the Voltron Chili, Daimos California , Voltron Chili, Koji Kabuto and Mekanda California dogs.  But I wonder if they tasted like crushed metals too!

I went for the  Daimos California. 

Daimos California served w/ fries or mashed potatoes

The burger buns contained a hundred grams of beef patty, some calamari, wasabi, lettuce and crab meat.

The burger is tender, juicy and has the right texture. It would be better if the wasabi is spread out on top rather than clustered, and  it’s also better with more lettuce.

My brother & sister ordered Mekanda California  hotdog. The sandwich has crab sticks with wasabi mayo and shrimp roe eggs. 

Mekanda California served w/ fries


The rest of my family ordered Chicken Teriyaki and  Baby Back Ribs.  

Baby Back Ribs served w/ salad and pasta

5* for the service –The service is really good. When you call a waiter, more than one  will serve you.

5* for Kid-friendliness – There are high chairs and food for kids. I just wish the sink in the toilet is not that high because my sister can’t reach it.

5* for the cleanliness – The utensils, glasses, floors and and tables were clean and the smell inside the restaurant is pleasant.

5* for the food because it’s DELICIOUS

The meal for all 7 of us in the family cost  P3,367.00 . That translates to almost P500 per person. It’s not very cheap, because it cost almost the same as the buffet at Yakimix on weekdays. However, the food is really worth coming back for. 

After lunch , we went to Power Books because my sister wanted to buy a book.   She bought   the last book of “Twilight”.

Then  we went to Build City to buy Lego. My sister and my brother bought Mini Figures #6 and #12. I found the Ninjago Booster Pack but   left my money at home so I asked my mom to lend me some money. She said, “if you do not have the cash to buy it today, maybe it’s not meant to be…you just have to wait for the right time…”…(sigh)

Then we waited for  the Plants Vs. Zombies Live! show at the Trinoma lobby. There were a lot of people and we were sweating because we were standing in the middle of a crowd. We were so tired but really wanted to see the show.  My mom said we needed to be patient …

Patient we were! When the show started, we did not want to leave even when we were so tired. Finally, the show ended.

We ate dessert at Blizzard and we went home. We’re all EXTREMELY tired and sleepy.

That’s all for today folks. See you next time! This is the Junior Chef Signing out.



Cooking Spiny Lobster for Lunch

Everybody loves lobster!  

My mom, dad, sister and brother went to SM Centris at about 5:30 in the morning. They bought  8 spiny lobsters. Here’s how I cooked spiny lobster with lemon butter sauce. 


8 spiny lobsters (1 lb. each) , pot of water

Lemon juice

2 lemon wedges for plating if needed

1/4 stick of butter

I'm washing the lobster

I’m washing the lobster

Step 1: Wash the lobster.

( You may detach the head from the tail then remove the lobster vein using the lobster antenna.)

Step 2: Boil a pot of water with 1 tbsp. rock salt.

Step 3: Put lobster in boiling water slowly. Heads first then tail.

Step 4: Cook for 10 mins (per pound of lobster), 2-3 lobsters at a time, allowing enough space in between the lobsters.

Cooked Spiny lobster

Cooked Spiny lobster

Step 5: Put lobster on colander and let water drip.

Step 6: Make the lemon butter sauce.    Melt 1/4 cup  of butter. Then add the juice of 1 lemon.

Melt butter

Melt butter

Step 8: Plate the dish. (Add lemon wedges.)

Finished pruduct

Finished product