Mammals have hair, warm blood and feed milk to their young.

There are mammals on land, in water and on air. Bats are mammals because they have hair, warm blood and feed milk to their young. Bats have wings but unlike birds, bats have 5 fingers. 4 fingers developed wings and the other finger is used for holding on to walls.

There are marine mammals too like Dolphins for example. Dolphins are warm blooded and feed milk to their young.

Most mammals live on land like us humans. Mammals blood always have the same temperature whether its cold or hot.

Hair is what keeps us warm during the winter.

Mammals give birth to babies when its fully developed inside them.


Earth has 5 layers of atmosphere, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and the exosphere.

The higher altitude you go the thinner the air gets.

Troposphere is known as the weather layer because weather occur on this layer.

Stratosphere is where the air begins to get cold. The higher altitude you go the colder the air gets. Ozone layer is on the stratosphere. Ozone is a gas that protects us from too much solar radiation.

Mesosphere is the layer where meteors disintegrate from friction.

Thermosphere is the hottest layer of the atmosphere. Charged particles form on the thermosphere called ionosphere.

Exosphere is the thinnest atmosphere there is. The sky is blue because the gases in the exosphere scatter. Light has different wavelength and each wavelength has a color. Blue is the color that gets through the exosphere so thats why the sky is blue.

Food Web and Light

Today I watched Bill Nye about food web and light.

Basically, everything we eat comes from plant.

All food  comes from plants. Meat like cows and pigs eat plants to survive. Humans like you and me eat the meat and gain the nutrients that the meat has.

Food Web is a consumer system. Take an apple tree for example, the tree gets food through photosynthesis. The tree produces apples, the apples are consumed by animals like pigs. The pigs gain nutrients from the apple and we humans eat the pig and gain nutrients.

Plants are called producers because they produce food from the sun. Humans and animals are called consumers because we eat the plants and other animals for nutrients.


Refraction happens when light is bent by a piece of plastic or glass. This happens because light travels through solid things at different speeds. There are a few kinds of lights. Natural light is like the sun or a bonfire. Light can also be produced by chemical reactions like a light bulb and the light of an angler fish. 

A telescope is an example of light refraction. A telescope has a few mirrors inside. The light bounces off the mirrors and into your eyes retina.

Putting a straw in a glass of water causes the light to bend. If you look at a curved mirror you will see the opposite of your reflection.

Light can change color when it hits a prism.The light is refracted and the light bends in different angles.

Volcanoes, Geysers and Gravity

I watched a bunch of Bill Nye videos. I watched about volcanoes, geysers and gravity.

Let’s start with volcanoes, volcanoes contain magma. Magma is made of melted rock from the Mantle. Magma comes out of a volcano when it erupts. The magma cools down and turns back to solid rock. Open volcanoes release magma when it erupts. Closed volcanoes release poisonous gas when it erupts.

A geyser is almost the same as a volcano only it spits out boiling hot water. The water is coming from an underground water source. it is heated by the earth’s mantle and when enough pressure is built it spits it upwards.

Gravity is a force that pulls everything to the center of the earth. Gravity was discovered by Galileo Galilei. He tested the theory be dropping a cannon ball and an apple from the top of the tower of Pisa. The  cannon ball and the apple hit the ground at the same time.


Electric Circuit

September 18, 2015

Dad handed me a small packet from TED. Inside there are items to create an electric circuit.  It contained small LED light bulbs, a battery and silver threads.

In order to make an electric circuit you need a power source, a load and wires.


I connected the threads to the battery by tightly tying one end on the battery and the other on the bulb. I did this twice, one for the positive side and the other for the negative side of the battery.


Vacation at Baguio

January 12, 2015

We left home at 5 a.m. and we were on our way to Baguio.

I was traveling with my Mom, Dad my siblings, my uncle and the driver Tony.

We passed by herds of cows and horses. There were massive farms, lots of trees and hills.

Baguio is located at Cordillera Administrative Region in the province of Benguet. It was found in 1900 and has 129 barangays. Baguio City is known for its chilly weather and people call it the Summer Capital. The city became the center of education and center of business commerce.

The people who live in Baguio look relaxed because of the chilly weather.

Day 1

The trip was 5 hours long and I was listening to Pewdiepie podcasts the entire trip. There were lots of bumps and curves on the road and the hill is really tall.

We finally made it to Azalea residence where we were staying. While waiting at the lobby the bartender gave us four season drinks for free. We checked in and set our luggage down and sorted our stuff.

We left the room and we drove to Cafe by the Ruins “Dua”. I ordered Bagnet Sinigang for lunch and I was splitting it with Kuya Tony.

The bagnet was a bit crunchy and the soup was sour. The sinigang comes with a cup of red rice and sadly they don’t serve shrimp paste. The serving is enough for 2 people and the view from the balcony is terrible.

We went back to the hotel to brush our teeth. We rested for a while before we head out to go horse back riding.

The costs for horse back rides are P250 for 30 minutes and P300 for an hour. We only wanted to try it out so we purchased the 30 minute ride.  The horse that I was riding on was Jack. The men training the horses taught us how to control a horse. To turn to the left you simply move the leash to the left, same goes for the other side.  To stop the horse you have to pull the leash and to start walking just nudge him using your foot.

We went wall climbing after the riding the horse. The price was P150 for wall climbing, P200 for target practice and P250 for paintball fight.

My brother, my sister and I went wall climbing. The staff helped us equip the harness and took photographs. I was able to reach the top and ring the bell but my 2 siblings were not able to.

Wall climbing is really fun and challenging. After climbing we went to Le Chef at The Manor for dinner.

They serve free bread and they have an area for pastries and wine. I ordered  baby back ribs with rice and pickled cucumber. The serving has 1 cup of rice and 5 ribs. The ribs taste ordinary and there’s nothing special about the sauce.

Day 2

We went down to the hotel’s buffet called Tradisyon. They have a pastry side, an egg station and they have the basic kind of food like bacon, tapa, cereal and lots more.

After eating breakfast we went back to the room and watched television all day. We didn’t leave the room because, my mom and my young sisters had stomach ache.

Me my dad and my uncle left and went out to buy lunch at Zio’s pizzeria. We ordered combo meals, pasta, chicken and pizza. The pizza we ordered is the All in One Pizza. The pizza has all the toppings on it and it’s big.  We were not able to finish every thing so we had leftover pizza.

For dinner we went to O Mai Khan. I ordered the Mongolian Buffet for P230.

On a bowl you put the meat, vegetables and sauce. They have pork, beef, chicken and pork liver for the meat. The vegetables are bean sprouts, beans, carrots, sayote, bell pepper, cabbage, lettuce and tomatoes. The final ingredients are the sauces, they have spicy, sweet, salty and sour sauces.

I tasted every sauce and I really like the idea of separating every ingredient and choosing it yourself.

Day 3

We ate breakfast at the same buffet and we went to the strawberry farm to go strawberry picking. The strawberry costs for P400 per kilo because they’re expecting you to eat the strawberries as you pick them.

They are also selling strawberry jam, honey, bags and lots more souvenirs. We bought honey, strawberry jam, a bag and a shawl to bring home.

We went back to the hotel and started packing our stuff. We checked out and put the luggage in the car and drove back home. I listened to more Pewdiepie Podcasts as I looked out the window and said to my self goodbye Baguio.

My favorite part about Baguio was the wall climbing because it’s fun and challenging.

Day at Y4IT

The Y4IT event took place at the SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia on September 11, 2014. We participated on the second day and our dad told us to help with the merchandise. We were told to observe the volunteers . After a while , I started to help the volunteers sell stuff while my sister continues to watch them. It wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be because I’m used to selling items to a big crowd. Everyone at the stall ate a piece of chicken adobo, fried fish, rice, veggies and a cupcake for dessert.

Overall I had lots of fun and gained experience!