Day at Y4IT

The Y4IT event took place at the SMX Convention Center at Mall of Asia on September 11, 2014. We participated on the second day and our dad told us to help with the merchandise. We were told to observe the volunteers . After a while , I started to help the volunteers sell stuff while my sister continues to watch them. It wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be because I’m used to selling items to a big crowd. Everyone at the stall ate a piece of chicken adobo, fried fish, rice, veggies and a cupcake for dessert.

Overall I had lots of fun and gained experience!





My Top 5 Restaurants

1. 8 Cuts

I like 8 Cuts because they have interesting burger combinations. They also have good appetizers like the onion rings that taste like garlic.

You can watch them mix your burger through the glass windows.

The SM Megamall branch has great service and they have a clean toilet .

The Piggy

The Piggy

2. Yabu

Yabu comes in second because I like Japanese food and they have big servings. They have unlimited rice, veggies, fruits and miso soup when you order a katsu. The veggies are cut thinly and they have big servings. It takes about 15 min. for the food to arrive but it’s worth the wait.

The service is great.

3. Torch

I like Torch because their steaks are tender and have a lot spices on it. They also have really thin pizzas and I like the flavors.

The service is fast.

4. Abe

I like Abe because I like Filipino food. They have creative dishes like the Ube Sinigang, which is colored purple.

The service is great.

5. Recipes

I like Recipes because I love the General’s Chicken and the Gising-Gising. The chicken is a bit spicy and sweet. The vegetables are spicy and it has coconut milk.

The service is great.

Lunch at Watami

It was a bright warm day and we went to Shangri-la Mall. We walked around and we started to get hungry. We passed  by Watami and their menu looked interesting.

We asked a for a table of 7 and we were seated.

They have ramen, skewers, sushi, sashimi, irodori sushi,  tempura, stone pots or rice bowls, hot plates, hot-pot, alcoholic beverages and desserts.

We ordered Watami salad for P425 as an appetizer. It has corn, chicken, shrimp, sea weed and some kind of crunchy strips.

The shrimps are cold but the chicken is warm. The salad doesn’t have any dressing so it’s not sweet or anything. It’s tasted really interesting because the chicken strips are grilled and has the smoke taste. The combinations of the salad are smokey and crunchy.

Watami Salad

Watami Salad

I ordered Beef short ribs on stone pot for P355. The food arrived and it was served on a hot stone pot. The bees strips are soft and it has soy sauce and rice underneath. I like the beef but there are only like 5 small slices on it. You have to mix it a lot because if you don’t the rice will cook to a crisp. The serving is enough for 1 person.

The place looks nice and the bathrooms are clean and big.

Dinner at Alfredo’s

We went to Alfredo’s for dinner and we asked for a table of 7. the tables and kitchen are upstairs and the restrooms are downstairs. The place looks dim and the place is big. They also have a function room for meetings.

We were seated near the window and we searched the menu. They have soups, sides, pasta, seafood, sandwiches, steaks and dessert. They have an all you can eat roast beef promo for P580 every Sundays.

I ordered the Stuffed Killer Burger for P395. It has a patty stuffed with pepperoni, onion rings  and oozing with melted mozzarella cheese. For the side dish I chose potato wedges over potato chips.

I took my first bite and the cheese stretched and the flavor bursted in my mouth. The buns are part soft and part crunchy. The potatoes are awesome and the burger was a bit salty.

Happy Father’s Day Lolo Rafael!

Dedicated to Lolo Rafael

Lolo Rafael is an awesome grandparent. He’s always working in his office in the states and when he stays here for vacation he’s fixing his house. He’s still a great lolo because when I was a kid he bought me and my siblings toys and stuff.  He also made us laugh and sometimes argues with mom but she doesn’t mind that much because she loves him.

Lolo Rafael and I

Lolo Rafael and I

My mom said he’s a great cook and I want to learn stuff from him but he’s not always here. I hope I get the chance to learn from him once all his work are done and when he stays here.

He took great care of my Mom and now she’s taking good care of us.

Thank you Lolo Rafael for being an awesome, caring Dad and Lolo.

Love, Eco

Dinner at Casa Verde


My family and I went to Case Verde at U.P. Town Center for dinner. We were seated and we searched the menu. I’m a burger kind of guy so I looked at the burgers.

My mom ordered Brian’s Ribs “half rack ribs”. It costs for P250 and it’s good for 1 – 2 people. The ribs came in 10 minutes later and it tastes a bit dry and it lacks sauce.

On the menu, I saw a 1 kilo burger called the Mighty Ton and a 500g “9” burger called the Big Bang. It costs  P438 and it’s good for 3 – 4 people. I asked my little brother if he wanted to split the burger with me and he said yes.

The Big Bang came in 10 minutes after the ribs and it’s a GIANT!

The Big Bang

The Big Bang







A Big BIte

A Big Bite





















We cut it in quarters and we both got our first part. The burger is “9” wide and about “4” tall. I couldn’t imagine how big the 1 kilo burger would look . The burger has lettuce, tomato and cheese. There’s nothing new but the sauce. A quarter of that burger is as big as one order of a Jack Daniel’s burger from Friday’s. I was able to gobble up half the burger and my brother ate like 3/8 of the burger. It filled me up really fast because of the thick bread.

Lunch at H.Cuisine

We were at Tomas Morato St. We entered H.Cuisine and the restaurant is small. We sat near the door and we looked at the menu.

We ordered salad that has a berry sauce and chicken on it. Their specialty is called Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly for P428. I ordered the Beef belly and we waited.

The salad came in and it looks interesting. We tasted it and the berry sauce is sweet and the chicken is cold. The salad is creative with that nice berry dressing.

The beef came and it looks so delicious with that hot gravy and fatty beef. The serving is good for 2 – 3 people and it comes with veggies and potatoes. The potatoes are small and it has flour on it but not fried. The veggies have corn, carrot, beans and sayote with butter. The meat is soft and it’s really good.












They have a promo for when your bill reaches P1000 they’ll give you a free Angus Beef Flakes Bowl. It’s basically just the Angus Beef Belly just flaked and has more rice.

It tastes really