The Red Onion

We were looking for a place to eat at U.P. Town Center. U.P. Town Center is a cool new dining place at Katipunan. We walked around and saw The Red Onion. It caught our attention because they have an “all you can eat noodles” promo.

They have rice toppings, noodles, appetizers, meals and drinks. I ordered the 39 Spices Beef Noodles . You can request for thin or thick noodles. They have the original and the light, medium, and high spice levels. I chose the medium level assuming it’s just right for my taste and I requested for thick noodles. The serving time was 15 minutes. While I was waiting, I watched the chef cook the noodles from scratch. He  carried a block of noodles, which he shred and dumped into hot water.

The food finally came and I started eating. I took a sip and a tear slid down my cheek as my mouth was on fire. It was spicier than I expected it to be. The beef is really soft and the vegetables too. I asked for another serving of noodles and this time I asked for thin noodles. The soup is really spicy and it got me wondering, how spicy the high spice noodles could possibly be.

This was the only Taiwanese restaurant I’ve ever been in. It was a whole new experience for me.

The 39 Spice Beef Noodle costs for P228.  The price is worth it.

That’s it for today everyone. Thank you for reading!