Our Vacation at Bohol

IMG_3529Bohol is located at the heart of Central Visayas at Region 7. It is home to the Chocolate Hills,   a famous tourist attraction. Tourists like to visit the hills because its  limestone-rich hills  turns green on rainy season, and brown during the  dry season (thus its name).

The Spaniards came to Bohol to look for spices and gold. Datu Sikatuna spotted them and  thought they were enemies, but later on,   Datu Sikatuna and his army lowered their weapons and helped them. Datu Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the leader of the Spaniards, made peace by making the blood compact. The Sandugo festival is being celebrated every year to remind us of this event .

The Spaniards named the island Boho because of the nearby well from their anchored ship. The well contained fresh drinking water. They encountered black men near the shore whom they thought were Negritos. The people told them they were fishermen who turned black from the sun’s rays.

Fransisco Dagohoy is a Philippine hero who lived in Bohol. He started the Dagahoy Rebellion when Father Morales refused to take his brother’s dead body inside the church. The Dagahoy rebellion was known as the longest rebellion in the Philippine history. The rebellion lasted for 80 years, from 1744 − 1829.

In the planeIt is Bohol’s historical significance and amazing landcape that convinced my parents to take our first family out of town trip there.   We packed our bags  and we were ready for the trip.    It took 1 hour by plane from Manila to Bohol. At the Tagbilaran airport,  a Bellevue Hotel van was waiting for us. The  tour guide gave snippets of information on  the tourist attractions that we passed by.

We finally arrived at Bellevue Hotel, where we were to spend 3 days. From the entrance,  you could see the white sand beach and the infinity swimming pool.   All the rooms have balconies with a coffee table for 2 people, where you could also see the beach. We stayed in 2  connecting rooms.  Four of us stayed in one room .  I chose to sleep on the sofa because I’m used to sleeping alone. My parents and our youngest sibling stayed in the  next room.

We ate lunch at 1:00p.m. at Lamian restaurant. I ate chicken lollipops, nilaga, beef tapa and lots more.

We went swimming when we had the energy. The beach was low tide that afternoon so we went to swim in the infinity pool. For dinner we ate Lucky Me noodles because we were too tired to go down for buffet.

The next morning we ate breakfast at Lamian again, since that was the only restaurant available. I ate mushroom omelet, waffle, garlic rice, fruit platter with peaches, mangoes, water melons, pineapples and lychee. We went to our room to change into our swimsuits and we went to the beach. I was amazed when I saw the white sand. I could feel the heat of the sand under my feet. We waited for the water to get higher before we went to play on the beach. We collected star fish and threw sand balls at each other.   We swam and swam until it was lunchtime, but of course we returned the starfish first.



We hired a van to bring us to Bohol Bee Farm.  It had a restaurant and a very interesting store. It had ice creams, souvenirs, spreads and lots more. I ordered curry pasta with chicken. We also ordered organic salad with flowers.   I wanted to recreate it because it was brilliant and colorful. 

I learned that flowers don’t have any taste at all. I thought it would  be sweet .






After lunch, we bought mango and pesto spreads to bring home. The ice cream tasted so natural. The ice cream cones are made of  dried cassava and are called cab-cab. I really like the ice ream because it has no preservatives and it’s home-made. The Bee farm has a nice view of the ocean from the restaurant. You could see the white sand at the beach and the boats.






We ate dinner and took a walk at the beach. I experienced the coolness of the night  and the tiny stones while walking barefoot on the sand.  I found a piece of coral on the sand and  took it home as a souvenir.



The next and final morning, I ate cheese burger and the leftover flower salad. We checked out and went to the airport. We boarded the plane and lifted off. I’m going to miss Bohol because I liked the resort , the food,  and  the beach  .






That’s all for today everyone. See you next time!