Our Dinner at Clawdaddy

My mom wanted something different for dinner because it was the last night of 2011.  We decided to find that special dinner at Shangrila Plaza at Edsa because we were billeted at Edsa Shangrila Hotel for New Year’s Eve. After scouring the mall for about half an hour, mom and papa decided to put our fate in the hands of  Clawdaddy .

We had never eaten at Clawdaddy ever,  but the menu intrigued us and the atmosphere seemed inviting enough.  It looked a lot like Friday’s , with seafood decors hanging on the wall , dimmed lights and friendly staff.  We certainly had high hopes for our last meal of the year.

The waiter brought us a free basket of  boiled corn, which mom thought was quite nice, specially since we kept getting free refills.  The first to be served was my sister, Zia, who ordered spaghetti.


The menu .

The menu :).

The Bar .

The bar :).

Since this was a special night, I ordered my favorite meal, Baby Back Ribs. As usual, it came with Fries and Mashed Potatoes. My older sister, Zoe ordered Seafood Cioppino, and my younger brother, Oz ordered Oyster Rockefeller and  Clammy Spaghetti . Mom and Papa ordered  Seafood Boil.

The Oyster Rockefeller was pretty basic. It ‘s the usual baked oyster with cheese appetizer.

Baby Back Ribs w/ Fries and Mashed Potatoes

Oyster Rockefeller

Clammy Spaghetti

Boiled Corn

The presentation of my Baby Back Ribs was pretty basic, but the color of the ribs were enough to whet my appetite. I like it slightly burned and darkish brown in color.  I found the  Baby Back Ribs to be tender  and tasty. There were about 5 or 6 bones on my plate but sadly, it was not enough to fill me up. Thus, I dug into my brother’s clammy spaghetti. This dish tasted much like pesto pasta, except that it had clams. I make pesto pasta at home all the time. But now that I tasted it with clams, I think I will do the same at home too.


Since I am making a review for Clawdaddy, mom asked me to taste every dish that comes. So I also dug into my sister’s Seafood Cioppino. I found the flavors of the dish quite complementary, and the pasta noodles were cooked al dente. I found the Seafood Cioppino a bit on the oily side.

The last dish that came along was the seafood boil.  The presentation of the seafood boil was quite interesting because it came in a wooden box that looked like a  swimming pool  to me at first, but mom said it was rather a fishing boat. The seafood boil was simply a boiled mix of  mussels, scallops, shrimp, lobster, squid , baby potatoes and andouille sausage. I don’t understand how andouille sausage, and baby potatoes could be caught in  a fishing boat.

Overall, I like the presentation of the food at Clawdaddy. This goes well with what you would expect with the atmosphere of the place. The taste of the dishes were excellent. They were simple meals, but what makes them special was the freshness of the seafood.

The place was intriguing. It made the night a little more special for me. There was a washroom for our sticky hands. But I am not happy that there was no restroom. So we had to use the paid restroom outside.

The service was  good at the start. We were made to feel welcome when we ordered. But our food took too long to arrive. It took almost 45 minutes or so and we wondered why because there were very few customers. Once we started having our dinner, it was so hard to get  a waiter to our table. We wondered why because there were a lot of waiters only standing around but no one came our way. We asked for water refills around two or three times before we got some. We also waited too long for extra plates to come our way after we requested for it.

When we got the bill, my father was not so pleased. Our bill was P3,825. For the price, my parents were not satisfied with the amount of food . The problem was mainly with the   seafood boil . The menu said it was for 4 people. So my father thought that it was more than enough for him and mom. However, they were were clearly  not enough to fill up even 2  people with normal appetites. My mom and papa were not happy about this because they were pretty expensive, and yet they consisted mostly of mussels and potatoes. Yep there were  shrimp , but they were small. There was some squid, a few slices of sausage, and two small lobsters cut in half  but most are mussels and potatoes. They thought the seafood boil was not good value for  a price of P1,780.  They had to go scouting for dessert after dinner.

Here are my ratings:
Food *** stars.
Service *** stars.
Place *** stars.
Kid friendly ***** stars.

That’s it for today guys! See you next time! 🙂