What I Am Thankful for in 2011

I am thankful for everything I had in 2011.

I turned 11 on April 10, 2011.

My b-day cake

My b-day

I joined the Junior Master Chef competition and made it to the top 30 finalists.

My plaque from Junior Master Chef

I went to Treston International college and  learned knife skills, the difference between pots and pans , the  cooking hazards, about FATTOM and how to make different kinds of pasta sauces.

I went to Treston International college

My brother and I went to basketball classes last summer.

My brother and I with Coach

My family and I went to Avilon zoo.

We went to Avilon zoo

I learned how to cook restaurant recipes in Sylvia Reynoso Gala’s Culinary Arts school.

Me and Chef Ernest Gala

Me and Chef Ernest Gala

I started a web show called “The Adventures of a Junior Chef” on YouTube.

I also started this blog.

The Junior Chef - my blog

My family and I went on a few vacations….Malayan hotel, Diamond hotel, Discovery suites, Linden suites and Edsa Shangri- La hotel.

I saw my old friend , Andres  again on his b-day.

I met my old friend ion his b-day

I met some real chefs. I met Chef Laudico, Chef Ferns, Chef Jp, Chef Ernest and his mom Tita Sylvia. I also learned that Chef Ernest started cooking when he was my age :D.

Me and Chef Roland Laudico

Me and Chef Roland Laudico

I learned how to cook Mediterranean dishes, Filipino dishes, salads, steaks, pastas and snacks. I also learned how to debone and stuff a chicken.

My deboned chicken

My deboned chicken

We  went to the Lantern Parade in U.P.

I’m thankful that I was a finalist in the Philippine Blog Awards.

I am thankful that I met many great new friends-  Pinoy Food Writer, Ms. Chun Valencia, sisig lover, Mr. Fred Briones , Mr. Martin Banana from Bacolod Food Hunter, Kat from she cooks, he eats, and the nice lady from Love2Type. I also met new friends from Junior Master Chef.

I’m thankful that my new friend,  Mr. Martin Banana , drew a picture for me. It made me happy on New Year’s Day.

Martin Banana's picture for me

I am thankful that we went back to our lola’s old house at Sunnyside Heights to do a rummage sale.

I’m also thankful for our charity named the Healthy Kidchen.

The Healthy Kidchen

What I learned about myself and my family

I learned that I’ll be a great chef someday. I learned that I love cooking and I hate baking. I like to be with my friends and my family.   I also like to learn more recipes.

I learned that my sister wants to be a pianist when she grows up. My brother wants to be a drummer, an artist, a waiter, a basketball player and a chef.

We want to help people. We like to be together. We all want to learn new and wonderful things. We always want to be happy. We want to see everyone really happy. We want everyone to be healthy, too.

What I want to do this year

This year, I’ll complete all of Sylvia Reynoso Gala’s Culinary Arts courses and I’ll join another cooking contest. I’ll cook all the dishes in my cookbooks.

My cookbooks!

That’s it for today everyone! Happy New Year!

Helping children

I never stayed  hungry in my entire life – NEVER, I tell you. When I eat a very delicious mouth watering and finger licking food in a buffet in Diamond Hotel or in Yakimix, I never think about children or adults who live in poor communities who have nothing but air on their plates.

Sometimes when  I cook  food and  I mix the ingredients, it falls to the table and it ends up as the dog’s meal. What a waste!

When my mother told me we’re going to feed some children, I felt happy because I like helping children. “That’s a good idea- you would learn why you shouldn’t waste food,” my father said.

So on August 12, 2011, me and my whole family woke up at 5:00 a.m. so we could start making sandwiches early.  I like waking up early because I could do a lot of stuff like reading cook books, cooking breakfast with my father and watching television.   We prepared the ingredients for a chicken-egg sandwich:

Chicken-Egg sandwich

6  bread  loaves
1 bunch of celery
4 carrots
4 cucumbersCucumbers for the sandwiches.

chickenBoiled chicken

eggsOver cooked boiled eggs

onionsMe chopping onions.


We peeled the carrots and onions. Then sliced the celery.Chopped carrots and celery.

Then we boiled chicken. We put all ingredients in a food processor.

We peeled the hard boiled eggs,

Us peeling the boiled eggs.

cucumber. Then we mixed the

mayonnaise,  carrots,

My sister peeling carrots.

celery, eggs, onions and chicken.

Next, we made sandwiches with cucumbers as garnish.

The chicken spread we made.

Finally, we packed the sandwiches in sandwich bags and we put it all in 1 big ice box . We also packed the bananas in 3 plastic bags.

Then we ate bacon and egg for breakfastMe and my family eating breakfast..

Next, we took a bath and we called a taxi. We went to Holy Spirit Elementary School in Artillery Drive , Bgy. Holy Spirit.

The name of the principal is Principal Dorotea Eseller.Me my brother and sisters and the school principal.

We fed 2 batches of kids in 2nd grade. These are the classes of Mrs.Garcia,  Mrs. Daus and Mrs. Bartolay.

My brother giving sandwiches to the kidsMe and my sister giving bananas to the kidsMy family feeding the children

The principal told her students that we’re here to feed them and the food is free.

The principal speaking to her students

We didn’t wait to long to feed the kids we only took for about 20 min. I told myself that I’m going to do this again next week because I like helping children.

I think next time we’re going to cook Macaroni and cheese

My brother also has a blog. It’s called The Healthy Kidd:


My sister also has a blog. It’s called The Cake Designer:


We have a charity called The Healthy Kidchen.

Have fun reading my blog and my brother’s and sister’s blogs. This  is The Junior Chef signing out 😀

Celebration of Filipino Flavors by Chefs Jackie and Roland Laudico

We were on vacation at Diamond Hotel for Father’s Day weekend,  but I ended up having  fever that morning. Not only was I sick, I was also feeling down lately because of certain events that week. To add to that, I knew I would be unable to go swimming that day, although I had been excited about it since last week. Then my father told me that Chefs Roland and Jackie Laudico  will be holding a lunch and dinner buffet downstairs at Corniche, titled Celebration of Filipino Flavors.

Me and Chef Roland Laudico

Me and Chef Roland Laudico

My mom said my face lighted up all at once. I had met Chef Roland Laudico previously and ended up a fan of his. I knew I had to see him. At the elevator heading downstairs, my mom said he might be really busy so we must not expect him to see us.

The superstar that he is, Chef Laudico spared us a moment of his time by meeting us at the entrance to the buffet. I was extremely happy to see him. He even wrote me  a note on the flyer for his buffet which we got at the concierge. Mom was so happy that he kissed him on the cheek too.

That afternoon , we decided to partake of his dinner buffet – all 7 of us- my mom and papa, and us 5 kids. We did not have  reservations so the waitress said she could not accomodate us. Then the manager showed up and asked for 60 seconds to get us a table. And he did- in only 45!

I was very happy about this. As a bonus, we found not only Chef Roland Laudico, but also his wife, Chef Jackie Laudico behind us at the entrance, to whom we said our hello’s with delight.

Lumpia in a glass

Lumpia in a glass

As expected, it was Filipino food galore…..but with exciting twists here and there. My first and what turns out to be my  favorite dish was the delicious grilled vegetables spring roll. The skin is crispy and its flavor of its filling, traditional but very much more exciting than the regular lumpia. Maybe it’s the  presentation. The spring roll was shaped like  an ice cream cone, and inserted  in a small glass, with the  vinegar placed right under it. Hey, it comes in different varieties too.

Scallop kilawin

Scallop kilawin

There were other compelling appetizers as well – the  scallop kilawin,  conveniently already sitting on a white spoon, and the inasal wrap, sealed with a toothpick , which you can quickly munch upon while deciding which dish to devour first.

Inasal wrap

Inasal wrap

I also ate mixed seafood, chicken teriyaki, vegetable curry, goan curry, chorizo with mushroom spring roll, chocolate tart and japanese fried rice. The mixed seafood had mussels and shrimp, which I loved. The chicken teriyaki has a subtle taste , so my thoughts were to add a  little salt.  However, I do prefer the juicier chicken parts like the wing and thighs so I found it  a little dry for me  . The vegetable curry had a thick sauce, and the vegetables are crunchy. The goan curry had  fish fillet and a spicy, thick sauce. It was too spicy for my taste buds so I was unable to finish it. But I know my grandpa would have loved its raw spiciness.

I also liked the chorizo with mushrooms. The subtle taste of the mushrooms complement the richness of the chorizo.

Tender, suckling pig

Tender, suckling pig

The lechon de leche was interesting because it was lighter in color than the regular lechon we buy often. My papa says it is probably cooked in milk. I did not get to taste it but mom and my siblings loved its crispy skin, and soft meat. My little sister only wished there was more fat! There were a lot of sauces to choose from:  bistek sauce, bicol express , taba ng talangka, among them.

Roast Duck and Beef

Roast Duck and Beef

I tried the  roasted beef and duck.  The roast beef is soft and juicy  and  it also has its own sauce. The duck is tender and has a crunchy skin. My papa feasted on the duck all night!

Mini Halo Halo

Mini Halo Halo

Tart, Deconstructed sans rival and yema balls

Tart, Deconstructed sans rival and yema balls

I had chocolate tart for dessert.  It had a simple but charming  presentation, with a tart base, chocolate filling in the middle and chocolate shavings on top. It was, overall,  a delicious tart . The deconstructed sans rival was a welcome surprise , since  I hadn’t eaten any deconstructed dish in my life. The mini halo halo looked cute because it is served on a 3 inch tall glass,  with a few beans and  jello at the bottom and a small serving of ube and leche flan on top. The size is just right – for one must leave space for a buffet with so many other delectable desserts to feast on.

Filipino Desserts

Filipino Desserts

Traditional Filipino desserts

Traditional Filipino desserts

The service was excellent, too. Our plates were quickly replaced and our water was refilled once the glass is half full.  Chefs Roland and Jackie were hands -on. They were carving the meat, refilling the dessert buffet, and even entertaining guests like they probably would at their private dinner parties.  It added a warmth to the occasion that money can’t buy.

Celebration of Filipino Flavors exhibits the joy of the Philippine fiesta. The atmosphere was bright and  festive. The food was everything Filipino, but so much more. It brought to my tummy that night, what Filipino spirit lingered in the air as the nation celebrated Jose Rizal‘s 150th birth anniversary.

Sombreros off to you, Chefs Jackie and Roland Laudico!

Here are my ratings:

Kid friendliness- 4
Food – 5
Place -5
Service – 5

Ratings Guide:

1- mediocre
2- fairly satisfactory
3- good
4- great
5- excellent

The rest of the gang gave an average  of 5 points  for food, service , place and kid-friendliness.

Thanks for reading my blog. Bye!