My cooking demo with Chef Jp Anglo

Sunday Sept. 16 1:00 pm

My Mom & my brother joined a contest at Il Terrazzo mall. The contest is going to start at 3:00 pm. We left at 1:00 pm because my mom thought there might be no parking space. We arrived around 1:30 and we were lucky to find a parking spot in the basement.

2:30 pm

Chef Jp Anglo showed up and I talked to him. ( Thank god he still remembers my name ) After we talked for a few minutes he went to Okasame to cook.

3:00 pm.

Chef Jp Anglo came out of Okasame and said hello to contestants. He said he will cook salmon, mushroom, asparagus pasta. While he was cooking, he called me up on stage. I felt grateful because I was going to do a cooking demo with him. After that he gave some pasta to contestants.

Cooking demo with Chef Jp

Cooking demo with Chef Jp

See the video here:

3:30 pm.

The contestants will have to plate cupcakes, paste and sandwiches. My mom and brother didn’t win. My brother wanted to win so bad because he wanted to buy a toy with the P10,000 cash price.


My mom said It’s ok to lose today because you can win more tomorrow.

That’s all for today every one good bye!