Dinner at King Bee

It was a boring day because  we couldn’t play dodgeball outside since it was raining. The cool breeze brought with it, the lazies all day…..Feeling too relaxed to cook dinner, my father came up a brilliant idea to have dinner at the then newly opened Chinese restaurant that intrigued us since it started construction . We quickly wore our outdoor clothes and jumped into the car.  About three to five minutes later, we arrived at King Bee, Commonwealth. (10 minutes by foot from our house)

The facade was inviting, donned with big, round, bright lights, and exhibiting the dining area through its glass walls. We did not have a hard time parking because they have a wide parking lot in front  and beside the restaurant. It’s a welcome sight , since there are not a lot of decent restaurants along Commonwealth , other than the usual fastfoods like Jollibee and McDonald’s .

This is King Bee in Commonwealth Road

From outside, it  looks like it’s an expensive place to eat. It  also looks wide and huge   but when you get inside, you realize that  it’s even bigger.  They even have a second floor. Since it was quite new, everything looked clean and smelled fresh.  The tables are neat and shiny. The chairs are soft and clean. We sat on a round, shiny table. I wiped my plate and my spoon & fork with tissue, not because it was dirty but because that’s what we always do everytime we eat out.

A neatly dressed waiter  gave us a menu. There was a variety of food. The  chef suggestions include dim sum, roast & soy specialties. They offered soup, crabs, shrimp, seafood hot pots, meat noodle soup, vegetables, rice, rice toppings, noodles, drinks and desserts. Some seafood are seasonal and so the prices also vary. Then they served HOT TEA and asked us which appetizers we would like to eat. We chose Chicken feet, Japanese sushi, Quail eggs and others. I like the appetizers we ordered because it’s fresh and tasty. I like  hot tea better than iced tea because it does not have any sugar in it.

Japanese dimsum

Chicken feet

We ordered Roasted Goose, Seafood Rice, Chopsuey Fried Noodles, Lechon Macau and last but not least , Lapu-Lapu w/ Moichay & bean curd in hot soy sauce. We waited for 10 – 20 minutes for the food to arrive.

As we waited, I looked around and  noticed   the variety of meat that hung by a glass window — pork, duck, roast pig and lechon Macau.

Then I saw huge aquariums filled with sea creatures ready for picking. We   went for a closer look- there were crabs, oysters, lapu-lapu and king fish.

Our food arrived as scheduled. The goose  came first. Next , the noodles , lechon, and Lapu-Lapu. We were ready to eat but we got pork fried rice rather than seafood rice, which we ordered. So we waited another 10 minutes before we started eating.

Roasted Goose

Lechon Macau

Thanks for the help sir


The lapu-lapu is soft, juicy and had a coconut and garlic sauce. The taste, smell and texture were excellent. (The waiter gets bonus points for removing the fish bone.)

The goose  is   tender,  tasty and the color is appetizing. This was to be the first time for our entire family to eat goose, so we were quite excited. All I can say is that it tastes a lot like duck.

The noodles are   crunchy  , the sauce tastes like chopsuey and the vegetables are soft , but I found the sauce to be a bit watery.

The lechon is  crunchy, and  tastes and smells like garlic.

I think the   rice was  a little overcooked.

The price is very reasonable. It is just as affordable as   other popular chinese restaurants  like Lingnam or  Mongkok.  Vegetable dishes range from P180 to P330 for a small serving, which is good for 2 to 3 persons.  Noodles cost between P200 to P240 (small). Prawns and shrimp range between P310 to P420 (small).Meat dishes range from P230 to P390 (small).  Other seafood dishes are seasonal in price.

You can order rice toppings  and spend only between P130.00 and P185.  We spent a little over P3,000, and there were 7 of us. It was a little expensive because we ordered the goose , and the lapu lapu (which came fresh from the aquarium), which were both priced seasonally. It was a good first time for the goose, anyway.

Thumbs Up!

My ratings are: 5 stars for the food, 5 stars for the cleanliness of the place, and 5 stars for the  service. They have other branches : The main branch is in Manggahan and the rest are in Cepza Bacao, Marcos Highway, STA. Rosa, Rodriguez, Daang Hari branch and Commonwealth. Yes, they  deliver.

By the time we were done with dinner, it was already 8:00 pm. Now it’s time to bring that lazy day feeling to my bed.

(It took a little more than a month for me to write this review because I was busy studying for an exam. I hope I pass!)

Thanks for reading!