Our Big Day at Trinoma


Last week, my family and I we went  to  Sumo Sam . We sat at a table near the kitchen,  ordered sushi for our appetizer, then inspected the menu. We eat at Sumo Sam all the time….this must already be our 50th visit or so……and were surprised to find something new on the menu…..

The Anime Burgers and Roboto Dogs caught my eye at once. The names of the sandwiches were amusing….Mazinger Z Chili and Grendizer Breakfast burgers, and the Voltron Chili, Daimos California , Voltron Chili, Koji Kabuto and Mekanda California dogs.  But I wonder if they tasted like crushed metals too!

I went for the  Daimos California. 

Daimos California served w/ fries or mashed potatoes

The burger buns contained a hundred grams of beef patty, some calamari, wasabi, lettuce and crab meat.

The burger is tender, juicy and has the right texture. It would be better if the wasabi is spread out on top rather than clustered, and  it’s also better with more lettuce.

My brother & sister ordered Mekanda California  hotdog. The sandwich has crab sticks with wasabi mayo and shrimp roe eggs. 

Mekanda California served w/ fries


The rest of my family ordered Chicken Teriyaki and  Baby Back Ribs.  

Baby Back Ribs served w/ salad and pasta

5* for the service –The service is really good. When you call a waiter, more than one  will serve you.

5* for Kid-friendliness – There are high chairs and food for kids. I just wish the sink in the toilet is not that high because my sister can’t reach it.

5* for the cleanliness – The utensils, glasses, floors and and tables were clean and the smell inside the restaurant is pleasant.

5* for the food because it’s DELICIOUS

The meal for all 7 of us in the family cost  P3,367.00 . That translates to almost P500 per person. It’s not very cheap, because it cost almost the same as the buffet at Yakimix on weekdays. However, the food is really worth coming back for. 

After lunch , we went to Power Books because my sister wanted to buy a book.   She bought   the last book of “Twilight”.

Then  we went to Build City to buy Lego. My sister and my brother bought Mini Figures #6 and #12. I found the Ninjago Booster Pack but   left my money at home so I asked my mom to lend me some money. She said, “if you do not have the cash to buy it today, maybe it’s not meant to be…you just have to wait for the right time…”…(sigh)

Then we waited for  the Plants Vs. Zombies Live! show at the Trinoma lobby. There were a lot of people and we were sweating because we were standing in the middle of a crowd. We were so tired but really wanted to see the show.  My mom said we needed to be patient …

Patient we were! When the show started, we did not want to leave even when we were so tired. Finally, the show ended.

We ate dessert at Blizzard and we went home. We’re all EXTREMELY tired and sleepy.

That’s all for today folks. See you next time! This is the Junior Chef Signing out.



My New Year at Edsa Shangrila Hotel

My family and I celebrated New Year’s Eve at Edsa Shangrila Hotel  because my father did not  want to inhale smoke from fireworks.

When we arrived on December 31, 2011, we bought groceries at Megamall and I also bought a  Bakugan Sky Raider toy.

My new Bakugan Sky Raiders

My brother bought his favorite toy , Lego Ninjago.

My brother’s new NINJAGO

My younger sister bought a Sylvanian Families house and my older sister bought 5 books.

New Year ‘s Day 2012

We ate breakfast at Heat in Shangrila Hotel. The setting for the  breakfast buffet was inspired by the Year of the Dragon.  The carvings on the melon at the fruit station exhibited a flower and a dragon. 2012  is my year because I’m a Dragon myself.

The Melon

I ate hash brown, bacon, chicken, eggs cooked sunnyside up , french Toast, waffle, dragon fruit, watermelon and kiwi. I also drank hot chocolate.

Me and my family eating breakfast at Heat

The next day, I ate meatloaf, hash brown, longganisa, plain rice, and a mix of fruits -dragon fruit, watermelon, melon and pineapple. I also ate sushi, frozen yogurt and drank hot Chocolate.  I saw a real honeycomb exhibited at the bread section. It was unbelievable!

Here are some photos of the breakfast buffet.

some spreads

Omelet on demand

Pickle it just a little bit!

Get into the meat

I love cheese!

Cereals and toppings

Crepes with your choice of fillings

My sister loves taho

Sago at gulaman

Berry Banana, Berry Orange Blast and Banana Coffee!

Delicious noodles with your choice of soup, noodles and toppings

Egg sandwiches

Meats and Marinated Salmon


Congee toppings

Breads , Pastries and cupcakes




Toppings for noodles

The breakfast buffet at Heat at  Edsa Shangrila Hotel is amazing. They make omelet just the way you like it. They have noodles with your choice of toppings and broth. They serve congee , dimsum, filipino breakfast, various breads and pastries.   I was surprised that they even have taho , sago at gulaman and even bibingka.

Because I want to be a chef someday, mom tells me to always take this opportunity to taste as much food as I can and write about them in this blog. Last time, she told me taste the cheeses and meats. But I was too caught up with my usual favorites that I totally forgot! I guess we have to go back, mom!

My ratings are:

Food 5 stars *****
Service 5 stars *****
Kid-friendliness 5 stars *****

Overall, breakfast at Heat, Edsa Shangrila was incredible. There were plenty of  delicious food  . The staff was very kind and made us feel welcome. They changed our plates quickly and gave us water as soon as we ran out. The place was clean and smelled really nice.

We keep coming back to Edsa Shangrila for vacations. It was not just the swimming that we love- it was the breakfast too!

Thumbs up for breakfast at Heat