Outback 2!

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On April 07, 2012, my sister and I wrote a blog about the amazing meals we had at Outback in Glorietta 4.  Outback’s Marketing Manger,  Tita Vanessa Calimlim , read our blog and she was pleased.

I was so happy to receive a marketing certificate from Outback and this read:

This entitles bearer, Enrico Feria to avail choice of one (1) weekday lunch entree at any Outback Steakhouse in the Philippines given 16th of May 2012, as token for Facebook and blog review.

  • Lunch specials available monday to friday 12nn – 3pm only
  • Present this Marketing Certificate upon ordering. One certificate per visit.
  • Not to be combined with others promotion and discounts
  • This certificate is valid until July 31, 2012.

We visited Tita Vanessa at Outback , Glorietta on May 18, 2012, the same time that my family and I went on vacation at   Ascott hotel , where we were staying for 3 days and 2 nights.  She came to meet us, with a big smile,  and shook our hands, offered drinks ,  and chatted a bit.  My mom said she was very pleased about her warm welcome.

The next day, we went back to Outback  for lunch. My dad positioned himself in front of the tv   to watch the NBA basketball game. We ordered Outback nachos for our appetizer. It had tortilla chips, melted cheese, ground beef, tomatoes, olives , jalapeno and sour cream.  Some of the nachos were black…it was my first time to see that.

While  I was watching NBA,  my 3 younger siblings were given activity papers.  My youngest sibling, Happy , was having a great time because she likes to color.



I love steak so I could not  decide which one to order from the lunch menu that had all sorts of steaks.  Finally,  I ordered Bloomin steak sandwich.

My sister ordered Smothered steak.

Smothered steak

Smothered steak

My mom, dad and my younger sister ordered a whole slab of baby back ribs.

the other 1/2 baby back ribs

Baby back ribs

My  brother  ordered his favorite, Toowoomba pasta.

The steak sandwich I ordered looks appetizing because the sandwich was large. It has steak and onion rings inside and fries for the side dish. The steak was tender and cooked perfectly. Overall, the dish was impressive .

I'm finishing my steak sandwich

I’m finishing my steak sandwich

When I tried this interesting dish, I found out that steak and bread are awesome together.

My sister’s Smothered steak has a 6 oz. , imported,  grain-fed beef , covered with peppercorn sauce, sauteed bacon, onions and mushrooms, topped with Swiss cheese. It also has  mashed potatoes and fresh seasonal veggies. She says it’s delicious, too.

I hope you can try Outback Steakhouse too. You won’t be sorry!

They have branches at Glorietta 4 Makati, Alabang Town center and ACROPOLIS LIBIS.

That’s all for today everyone! Adiós.

Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!

Dinner at Outback Steakhouse

It was April 7, 2012. My family and I went to Makati Shangri-La hotel  for my sister’s birthday and for our vacation. We ate lunch at Dad’s and after that we went shopping and went back to the hotel.

We went swimming and we were there for about an hour or more. We took a bath, rested and went out to look for a place to eat dinner.

The Place


We   dropped by at Outback Steakhouse at Glorietta 4, Ayala Center for Zia’s birthday dinner.

At first I thought it was a bar but when we went upstairs I was surprised to see a   big restaurant  .  We sat at  the window   in front of the S.M. food court.


Outback Steakhouse has a wonderful theme and great pictures. The outback is a home land for many Australian animals like dingoes and wombats.  Kangaroos and dingoes hide in the bushes to rest  when the weather is really hot.


There are also birds who fly at the crack of dawn. Snakes and other reptiles bask in the sun .

The pictures on the wall show road  signs  , animals, and geography   of Australia.

The bathroom doors had “Blokes” and “Shielas” on them rather than Men and Ladies. The toilets were really clean and smelled good.


The waiters and waitresses also wore hats, vest and shorts used in the Australian outback.

The Food

Bushman's bread

Combo Appetizer

First, we ordered appetizer and water. They gave us Bushman’s bread , which is made with wheat and honey. It’s  brown and served with butter. The inside is soft and the outside is crunchy.

We ordered the Combination Appetizer, which includes  Kookabura Wings, Aussie Cheese Fries and Crispy Calamari.

Kookabura Wings tasted like buffalo wings. It  is deep-fried and crunchy. My little sister found it too spicy but I didn’t think so. The fries had cheese and bacon, and tasted like it was homemade .The calamari is crunchy  and tasted fresh.   The combination platter also had four slices of celery, which was  as fresh as if it was only plucked from the ground the same night.

Alice Springs Chicken

The Baby back ribs

Grilled Chicken and Swiss sandwich

Fish sandwich

Garlic rib eye steak

Next, we ordered our main dishes. I ordered  Alice Springs chicken.

The Alice Springs chicken is a flame grilled chicken breast that has  mushrooms, bacon, Monterey jack and Cheddar. It also has honey mustard sauce.  It’s cheesy, flavorful and cooked properly.

Mom ordered 1/2 slab of Baby Back Ribs . My mom was surprised and happy  because the serving was bigger than she thought it would be.  There were about 5 ribs on the half slab, but it had lots of meat.  Knowing that I love ribs too, my mom gave me a piece so I could describe its taste. The ribs are  tender.  I could taste the smoky flavor on the barbecue sauce and ribs.

My sister got the Grilled Chicken and Swiss Sandwich. I had a piece too because mom wanted me to taste everything. It’s made of chicken breast, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato, and buns.

It also came with fries. It wasn’t very tasty , but I think you’re supposed to add some salt when you eat it.

My younger sister ordered the Fish Sandwich .  It had breaded fish and cheese, with tartar sauce  , lettuce, tomato and burger buns.  Like the Grilled Chicken sandwich, it , too needs a little more salt  and pepper. The bread is soft and crunchy. The vegetables are fresh and still crunchy.

Papa ordered the Garlic Rib Eye steak, which also came with vegetables and baked potato. Papa  said it was cooked perfectly and tasted really good.

The servings were generous and we were all full.  Right after dinner, the crew burst out of the kitchen, singing Happy Birthday to my sister, Zia. They brought her a serving of ice cream with chocolate drizzle and a candle on top.

This surprised us but made us and Zia happy.

The food is worth the price because it’s delicious and the servings were more than enough.

The Service

The place was kid friendly. When we arrived, we were given coloring papers and crayons to keep us busy. They had high chairs for little kids. The waiters and waitresses also talked to us.


The service crew are very friendly and were very helpful all the time. They are smiling every time they came to our table. We always got water refills once our water run out.

It was great that they remembered when my mom mentioned it was my sister’s birthday so that they sang her happy birthday after our meal.

Outback Restaurant is a great place. I wish we’d go back there again.

Here are my ratings (5 is the highest):

5 stars for the food
5 stars for the place
5 stars for the kid friendliness
5 stars for the service

See you all next time! Adios!