My Halloween at SM Megamall

Hey everyone. Welcome to my Halloween blog. Today I’m going to tell you all about my Halloween party.

Oct 30. 2011.

Me and my family packed our bags and wore our clothes. My mom told us to wear our Halloween costumes right away. Her reason is when we get to the hotel we’ll just leave our bags in our room and well go directly to SM Mega mall.

The taxi came to pick us up. It took us half an hour to get to the Shangri la hotel. After 20 minutes we went to SM to trick or treat. I saw the party was so…. crowded with people. I was so excited to trick or treat because it was my first time.

We bought eco bags with a list of 50 stores. There were about 50 stores who will give candies to kids.

First, we went to the food court. There were more than 20 stores in the food court. We could get a prize by getting signatures from 20 shops. Too bad the other stores don’t have candies yet. So we still need to go around the mall to get more candies.

This is how we did it. First we asked the nearest store the Jollibee. Next we went to Greenwich.

Trick or treat!

When we went to 17 stores, the 18th store was a hair salon. In the hair salon there were 3 witches. When we went in and said “trick or treat”, a group of children came out of nowhere. Zia, Oz and I were pushed by the kids while Zoe just stood there like a post, she wasn’t pushed even an inch. After that, my mom took a picture of us with the three witches.

Me my siblings and the 3 witches.

The last store we went to was the Pepper Lunch. They gave us 3 candies and we finally got 20 signatures. My mom told us to get 1 more extra to be sure. Then Oz said “what?! I’m hungry already. Let’s just eat” after a few seconds he changed his mind. He said “ok but just one more”.

After that we went to a man who was in charge of giving the bags, list and prizes. The prize was just a notebook, poster, candy and jelly juice.

Then we ate lunch at Yoshinoya. I ordered a bento box because I was hungry.

Mmmm.. it's a delicious lunch.

The lunch was good and nourishing. After lunch, we went to Toy Kingdom.

I will give 5 stars for the trick or treat and the lunch. And that’s all for today everyone. See you next time Arrivederci, and Hasta La Vista guys.