Helping children

I never stayed  hungry in my entire life – NEVER, I tell you. When I eat a very delicious mouth watering and finger licking food in a buffet in Diamond Hotel or in Yakimix, I never think about children or adults who live in poor communities who have nothing but air on their plates.

Sometimes when  I cook  food and  I mix the ingredients, it falls to the table and it ends up as the dog’s meal. What a waste!

When my mother told me we’re going to feed some children, I felt happy because I like helping children. “That’s a good idea- you would learn why you shouldn’t waste food,” my father said.

So on August 12, 2011, me and my whole family woke up at 5:00 a.m. so we could start making sandwiches early.  I like waking up early because I could do a lot of stuff like reading cook books, cooking breakfast with my father and watching television.   We prepared the ingredients for a chicken-egg sandwich:

Chicken-Egg sandwich

6  bread  loaves
1 bunch of celery
4 carrots
4 cucumbersCucumbers for the sandwiches.

chickenBoiled chicken

eggsOver cooked boiled eggs

onionsMe chopping onions.


We peeled the carrots and onions. Then sliced the celery.Chopped carrots and celery.

Then we boiled chicken. We put all ingredients in a food processor.

We peeled the hard boiled eggs,

Us peeling the boiled eggs.

cucumber. Then we mixed the

mayonnaise,  carrots,

My sister peeling carrots.

celery, eggs, onions and chicken.

Next, we made sandwiches with cucumbers as garnish.

The chicken spread we made.

Finally, we packed the sandwiches in sandwich bags and we put it all in 1 big ice box . We also packed the bananas in 3 plastic bags.

Then we ate bacon and egg for breakfastMe and my family eating breakfast..

Next, we took a bath and we called a taxi. We went to Holy Spirit Elementary School in Artillery Drive , Bgy. Holy Spirit.

The name of the principal is Principal Dorotea Eseller.Me my brother and sisters and the school principal.

We fed 2 batches of kids in 2nd grade. These are the classes of Mrs.Garcia,  Mrs. Daus and Mrs. Bartolay.

My brother giving sandwiches to the kidsMe and my sister giving bananas to the kidsMy family feeding the children

The principal told her students that we’re here to feed them and the food is free.

The principal speaking to her students

We didn’t wait to long to feed the kids we only took for about 20 min. I told myself that I’m going to do this again next week because I like helping children.

I think next time we’re going to cook Macaroni and cheese

My brother also has a blog. It’s called The Healthy Kidd:

My sister also has a blog. It’s called The Cake Designer:

We have a charity called The Healthy Kidchen.

Have fun reading my blog and my brother’s and sister’s blogs. This  is The Junior Chef signing out 😀