My New Year at Edsa Shangrila Hotel

My family and I celebrated New Year’s Eve at Edsa Shangrila Hotel  because my father did not  want to inhale smoke from fireworks.

When we arrived on December 31, 2011, we bought groceries at Megamall and I also bought a  Bakugan Sky Raider toy.

My new Bakugan Sky Raiders

My brother bought his favorite toy , Lego Ninjago.

My brother’s new NINJAGO

My younger sister bought a Sylvanian Families house and my older sister bought 5 books.

New Year ‘s Day 2012

We ate breakfast at Heat in Shangrila Hotel. The setting for the  breakfast buffet was inspired by the Year of the Dragon.  The carvings on the melon at the fruit station exhibited a flower and a dragon. 2012  is my year because I’m a Dragon myself.

The Melon

I ate hash brown, bacon, chicken, eggs cooked sunnyside up , french Toast, waffle, dragon fruit, watermelon and kiwi. I also drank hot chocolate.

Me and my family eating breakfast at Heat

The next day, I ate meatloaf, hash brown, longganisa, plain rice, and a mix of fruits -dragon fruit, watermelon, melon and pineapple. I also ate sushi, frozen yogurt and drank hot Chocolate.  I saw a real honeycomb exhibited at the bread section. It was unbelievable!

Here are some photos of the breakfast buffet.

some spreads

Omelet on demand

Pickle it just a little bit!

Get into the meat

I love cheese!

Cereals and toppings

Crepes with your choice of fillings

My sister loves taho

Sago at gulaman

Berry Banana, Berry Orange Blast and Banana Coffee!

Delicious noodles with your choice of soup, noodles and toppings

Egg sandwiches

Meats and Marinated Salmon


Congee toppings

Breads , Pastries and cupcakes




Toppings for noodles

The breakfast buffet at Heat at  Edsa Shangrila Hotel is amazing. They make omelet just the way you like it. They have noodles with your choice of toppings and broth. They serve congee , dimsum, filipino breakfast, various breads and pastries.   I was surprised that they even have taho , sago at gulaman and even bibingka.

Because I want to be a chef someday, mom tells me to always take this opportunity to taste as much food as I can and write about them in this blog. Last time, she told me taste the cheeses and meats. But I was too caught up with my usual favorites that I totally forgot! I guess we have to go back, mom!

My ratings are:

Food 5 stars *****
Service 5 stars *****
Kid-friendliness 5 stars *****

Overall, breakfast at Heat, Edsa Shangrila was incredible. There were plenty of  delicious food  . The staff was very kind and made us feel welcome. They changed our plates quickly and gave us water as soon as we ran out. The place was clean and smelled really nice.

We keep coming back to Edsa Shangrila for vacations. It was not just the swimming that we love- it was the breakfast too!

Thumbs up for breakfast at Heat


Corniche Restaurant – Day 1

I wanted breakfast in bed

I wanted breakfast in bed

We went on vacation at Diamond Hotel on June 18 after months of hard work had come to an end . I promise to tell you more about this as soon as I am allowed to do so. As for now, it’s all secret.

I had fever that morning but even if I was feeling tired, I still had to go downstairs to   Corniche restaurant for breakfast. As we entered, the waitresses and waiters  said “Good morning, table for how many sir?”. We didn’t have to wait at all . They seemed very happy to have us there. They even gave us a valuable freebie.  While everybody seems to be having a good time eating, I felt really sick.

Despite all the mouth watering food around me, I only had   miso soup, bread, waffles and grapes.  I may be sick but I know good food when I taste it. The miso soup was well seasoned and  delicious. My mom burned the bread at the grill   but it’s still good enough for me. The waffles are my favorite because  it has syrup and whipped  cream. The   grapes were sweet but it had seeds.

Spacious and clean dining area

Spacious and clean dining area

My little brother had the siopao, which was small enough (2 inches wide) for   little kids  with little hands to handle.

Corniche is  clean and spacious. The decors are also elegant and there is a waterfall fronting the restaurant, which I think is awesome.

The toilet was very clean and I love that they have bidet shower in the toilet. We don’t see that much in other hotels in Makati or Ortigas. However, I noticed that there were no diaper changing stations for babies.

Glorious shower bidet

Glorious shower bidet

Corniche Restaurant – Day 2

The second day at Corniche, I was feeling better. We went down stairs to eat breakfast at 6:30 am.

We ordered hot chocolate but the waiter said they run out of hot chocolate so we just had water and mom had coffee. I ate buttered mixed vegetables, roast pork sirloin, waffles, grapes, watermelon and steamed rice . The buttered mix vegetables were tasty  and it’s not dry. The roast pork loin was a little dry   but it’s well seasoned. The steamed rice was cooked just right.  As usual I had my favorite- waffles with syrup and whipped cream.

Sausage, omelet and crunchy bacon

Sausage, omelet and crunchy bacon

My brother and sisters ate longganisa, bread, rice, grapes ,  watermelon, yogurt, bacon, egg, pork, rice, yogurt and cheese quesadilla, . The longganisa is sweet but my sister loves it.  Everybody loved the  bacon – crispy, neither salty nor sweet. The chef will cook omelet on request. My brother, Oz , chose to have  cheese, tomato, and onion omelet. It was delicious because it was so cheesy. The pork was delicious too because it had a smoky taste. Oh and did I mention there was sushi in the house?

Sushi in the house

Sushi in the house

A variety of greens and toppings at the salad bar

A variety of greens and toppings at the salad bar

My mom ate beef with snow peas, fish with mango salsa, french toast and salad – and she says she is giving them all an excellent 5 rating. The salad bar boasted of variety.  Among the greens were Romaine Lettuce, Iceberg lettuce, Frisee, Salanova Butter Red and Salanova Butter Green.  Among the toppings were radish, cucumber, sweet corn, crunchy bacon, quail eggs, capers, bell peppers, croutons and cheese. Salad dressings include italian dressing, thousand island dressing, ceasar salad dressing, ranch dressing. Seasonings include  olive oil , red wine vinegar and thai fish sauce.

Baked delights

Baked delights

Bread and pastures were just as abundant- muffins, cinnamon swirls, donuts, croissants-you name it. There were also various kinds of cereals to choose from.




Mom was happy that they had a high chair and a small spoon available for my  2 year old sister, Happy .  The plates were so big and a little heavy , and scary to break because they looked expensive.

Fresh fruits

Fresh fruits

The buffet counters were a little too high for kids like my 9 year old brother and 7 year old sister. My brother couldn’t see what he was getting from the fruit bar that he just grabbed what he could get with his hands outstretched up high.  Well, until mom caught him and got him the fruits instead.   My sister tiptoed to see what’s inside the food pans.

Counter tops are too high for little kids

Counter tops are too high for little kids

The food was great , the place was clean and the service was excellent. As for kid friendliness, it had its good and bad points.

Here are my ratings:

Kid friendliness- 4
Food – 5
Place -5
Service – 5

Ratings Guide:

1- mediocre
2- fairly satisfactory
3- good
4- great
5- excellent

The rest of the gang gave Corniche a total of 3 and a half thumbs up  for food, service , place and kid-friendliness, and one half thumb down for kid friendliness.

Three and a half thumbs up, half thumb down

Three and a half thumbs up, half thumb down