Lunch at Tres

Two weeks ago, we tried Tres at SM North Edsa because we wanted to avail of their promo. When your bill amounts to P 1,000 they’ll let you avail of a Crispy Pata worth P 563 for only P33. Great deal, right?

We asked for a table for 7. We ordered Gising-Gising, Sizzling Adobo Beef Belly, Lechon kawali Dinuguan, Crispy Hito, Pandan rice, Kalkag rice, Ensaladang talong, Crispy Pata and Kare Kare.

I love the Lechon Kawali Dinuguan because the sauce is separated from the meat. The pork is tender and the skin is crunchy. I wonder how they made the sauce without the meat because I know that the flavor comes from the meat as it is cooked. The Adobo Beef Belly is very soft and flavorful and sizzling hot. The Gising Gising has   a little bit of mayo in the middle. ( I’m not a fan of mayo ) The hito is served  sliced. The head and  tail were included on the  plate for better food presentation. The fish is seasoned with salt and pepper. It’s soft inside but crunchy outside.  The Kare Kare is outstanding because the meat is soft and it tastes like it’s been boiling for a long time. The crispy pata is crunchy and juicy, unlike Max’s Crispy pata, which is a little bit dry. The ensaladang talong has vinegar , which I didn’t like. The Kalkag rice has a lot of small dried shrimp  and unlike other kalkag rice that I tried at other restaurants. this one isn’t salty and not oily.

We spent a total of around P1,200. For a party of 7, that’s less than P 200 per person — almost the same price as lunch at Jollibee.

Deconstructed Dinuguan


Fried Tilapia
The Bar

Thumbs up for Tres!

Thumbs up for Tres!

That’s all for today everyone give one round of applause for Tres!

Thank you for the awesome food!

5*****stars for you!

Adios everyone!