Lunch at The Buffet, Commonwealth Avenue

Hi guys! Sorry for the long wait for another post. I’m just very busy with  my studies.

Tita Ertha and Tita Girlie invited me to have lunch with them and my cousins at The Buffet restaurant  in Commonwealth Avenue.   

The restaurant looks big from the outside but it’s actually smaller when you step in . We were greeted near the entrance by some waiters.

To my estimate, there are about 20 varieties of food. They have a grill station, Japanese food, salad, dessert, main course, bread, fruits and ice-cream.

I got sushi for appetizer (as usual). To my estimate, they only have about 6 kinds of sushi.


I also got has crab, chicken diablo, and fried rice. The crab is small and cold. The chicken diablo was supposed to be spicy, but did not live up to its promise. The fried rice is alright – not that oily at all.

I got a serving of   mussel and pork kaldereta, 2 slices of bread w/ salsa, nachos w/ cheese dip and  2 grilled porks on a stick. The mussels are a little bit spicy. The pork kaldereta has too much fat . The bread is too cold and it’s hard as a rock. The pork on a stick will be served on your table after grilling.

For dessert, I got fruit salad and mango. The fruit salad isn’t that cold and the mangoes are sour.

My cousin, Carissa  got a  serving of carbonara that had too much sauce, it just didn’t look nice. But she actually liked it.


She didn’t know this picture was taken until we showed her .

Mmmmm..... Sarap!
Mmmmm….. Sarap!

Tita Ertha convinced Carissa to eat baked  mussels with mozzarella cheese.

The lechon, lechon kawali and steaks were only available during dinner.

In my observation, the food wasn’t heated until we came in. There were a few flies at the salad and bread side.

My tita said that the steak is available on request, but I did not see any sign on the buffet table saying that it is available to order.

I like the  ambiance. However, I think the air con should be facing somewhere else rather than the food. Also,  the men’s toilet bowls were all out-of-order on the day that I had lunch there.

I do not have a lot of photos because we were told that taking photos is not allowed.

I give the food is 3 stars because it’s not hot and there are only a few choices.

I do not think I would eat at The Buffet again.