Lunch at Watami

It was a bright warm day and we went to Shangri-la Mall. We walked around and we started to get hungry. We passed  by Watami and their menu looked interesting.

We asked a for a table of 7 and we were seated.

They have ramen, skewers, sushi, sashimi, irodori sushi,  tempura, stone pots or rice bowls, hot plates, hot-pot, alcoholic beverages and desserts.

We ordered Watami salad for P425 as an appetizer. It has corn, chicken, shrimp, sea weed and some kind of crunchy strips.

The shrimps are cold but the chicken is warm. The salad doesn’t have any dressing so it’s not sweet or anything. It’s tasted really interesting because the chicken strips are grilled and has the smoke taste. The combinations of the salad are smokey and crunchy.

Watami Salad

Watami Salad

I ordered Beef short ribs on stone pot for P355. The food arrived and it was served on a hot stone pot. The bees strips are soft and it has soy sauce and rice underneath. I like the beef but there are only like 5 small slices on it. You have to mix it a lot because if you don’t the rice will cook to a crisp. The serving is enough for 1 person.

The place looks nice and the bathrooms are clean and big.