Helping children

I never stayed  hungry in my entire life – NEVER, I tell you. When I eat a very delicious mouth watering and finger licking food in a buffet in Diamond Hotel or in Yakimix, I never think about children or adults who live in poor communities who have nothing but air on their plates.

Sometimes when  I cook  food and  I mix the ingredients, it falls to the table and it ends up as the dog’s meal. What a waste!

When my mother told me we’re going to feed some children, I felt happy because I like helping children. “That’s a good idea- you would learn why you shouldn’t waste food,” my father said.

So on August 12, 2011, me and my whole family woke up at 5:00 a.m. so we could start making sandwiches early.  I like waking up early because I could do a lot of stuff like reading cook books, cooking breakfast with my father and watching television.   We prepared the ingredients for a chicken-egg sandwich:

Chicken-Egg sandwich

6  bread  loaves
1 bunch of celery
4 carrots
4 cucumbersCucumbers for the sandwiches.

chickenBoiled chicken

eggsOver cooked boiled eggs

onionsMe chopping onions.


We peeled the carrots and onions. Then sliced the celery.Chopped carrots and celery.

Then we boiled chicken. We put all ingredients in a food processor.

We peeled the hard boiled eggs,

Us peeling the boiled eggs.

cucumber. Then we mixed the

mayonnaise,  carrots,

My sister peeling carrots.

celery, eggs, onions and chicken.

Next, we made sandwiches with cucumbers as garnish.

The chicken spread we made.

Finally, we packed the sandwiches in sandwich bags and we put it all in 1 big ice box . We also packed the bananas in 3 plastic bags.

Then we ate bacon and egg for breakfastMe and my family eating breakfast..

Next, we took a bath and we called a taxi. We went to Holy Spirit Elementary School in Artillery Drive , Bgy. Holy Spirit.

The name of the principal is Principal Dorotea Eseller.Me my brother and sisters and the school principal.

We fed 2 batches of kids in 2nd grade. These are the classes of Mrs.Garcia,  Mrs. Daus and Mrs. Bartolay.

My brother giving sandwiches to the kidsMe and my sister giving bananas to the kidsMy family feeding the children

The principal told her students that we’re here to feed them and the food is free.

The principal speaking to her students

We didn’t wait to long to feed the kids we only took for about 20 min. I told myself that I’m going to do this again next week because I like helping children.

I think next time we’re going to cook Macaroni and cheese

My brother also has a blog. It’s called The Healthy Kidd:

My sister also has a blog. It’s called The Cake Designer:

We have a charity called The Healthy Kidchen.

Have fun reading my blog and my brother’s and sister’s blogs. This  is The Junior Chef signing out 😀

Mediterranean Cooking with Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala

Me and Chef Ernest Gala

Me and Chef Ernest Gala

As an aspiring chef, my mom said I had to try cooking and eating different kinds of food. We are big fans of Japanese food, so we eat at Yakimix a lot. One of the cuisines which we seldom have is Mediterranean food. Some of the few Mediterranean dishes I have ever tried was the Roka Salata, a delicious, memorable salad composed of fresh arugula, Romaine lettuce, toasted walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes, pears, blue cheese, parmesan and Greek vinaigrette, and the Mixed Meat Gyros, or meat wrapped in pita bread. Papa brought these home from Cyma, a Greek restaurant at Trinoma mall, days before. So when I saw that Chef Ernest Gala was going to have a Mediterranean cooking class, I asked my mom if I could attend.

Mediterranean food originates from countries like Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Greece, Turkey and other cultures around the Mediterranean sea. Mediterranean diet is dominated by breads, rice, couscous, polenta, bulgur, and other grains, and potatoes.

Vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, cheese, yogurt and olives are also common in meals. They eat little poultry, fish, eggs and sweets. They consume red meat only a few times per month, and they want it lean, not fatty. Wine and water are also an important part of Mediterranean diet.

Mom asked me to pose

Mom asked me to pose

I have never cooked Mediterranean food before, so last Saturday, July 2, 2011, I attended Mediterranean Cooking classes at the Sylvia Reynoso Gala Culinary Training Center at Shaw Blvd. I was happy and excited because not only was I going to cook something entirely new, I was also going to cook with a chef who is also a star. Chef Ernest Gala graduated at several prestigious chef schools all over the world. He is also a well-known chef in this country.

I learned many things in the class:
– If raw lamb is brown in color and smells bad , it means it’s already 9 months old.
– To ensure that meats (lamb, pork and beef) are tender, I must boil them first .
– While grilling always brush with marinade.
– The common ingredients in Mediterranean food are basil and oregano.

We cooked flame broiled pork baby back ribs, slow oven baked Monterey BBQ beef short ribs, oven-baked lamb riblets, moussaka and spanakopitas and tiropotas, Greek appetizers.

Orange Dutch Oven and Pressure cooker

Orange Dutch Oven Pans and Pressure cooker

We used cooking equipment that I have never used before , like pressure cookers and the orange dutch oven pans. We only used wok, non stick pan, pots, oven, and gas stove at home. We also used ingredients I have never used before, like feta cheese, molasses , lamb, and ricotta cheese.

Lamb riblets with baby potatoes

Lamb riblets with baby potatoes

Before I attended the cooking class, I thought that cooking lamb was hard, but it was really very easy.

BBQ Short Ribs

BBQ Short Ribs

While I was cooking my BBQ beef short ribs , Chef Ernest’s mother told me that I cooked like a professional chef. I felt happy that they called me a profesional chef. I remember another cooking class that I went to – the chefs said exactly the same thing.

Pork Baby Back ribs

Pork Baby Back ribs

We cooked the pork baby back ribs with pressure cookers – that’s why it turned out very tender. The sauce for the baby back ribs is interesting because it uses molasses, an ingredient used commonly in cuisines in the Middle East.



Can you say “spanakopitas”? My mom keeps saying it because she likes the sound of it. Spanakopitas are a Greek appetizer that has feta cheese, parmesan cheese, ham and onion, wrapped in a filo sheet and baked in the oven.

Tiropitas are also Greek appetizers wrapped in filo pastry and contains feta cheese, cream cheese, quickmelt cheese , ricotta , and cottage cheese, plus basil.

Waiting room

Waiting room

Mom waited for me to finish the 3-hour cooking class in the waiting room outside before coming inside to take photos of me.

We took home a generous amount of food after the classes. We had those for dinner, along with fried chicken that my Papa had cooked. The beef short ribs meat is hard outside but tender inside. Maybe it needs to be in the pressure cooker for a longer time. But the sauce is yummy. The lamb riblets are tender and the sauce is spicy, but I like it . Even my Papa likes it, although he thought he was eating beef :-). My mom’s favorite was the pork baby back ribs because it was tasty and tender. The vinegar and molasses combination gave it a sweet and sour taste.

My mom asked me what moussaka was and I said it was pasta, but it did not have pasta. What I meant was that it looked like lasagna because it has meat sauce in it and had cheese on top, but it had no pasta. Instead it had egg plant and onions. I guess that’s why it’s called Greek style lasagna. I wasn’t really sure if we were supposed to eat it with rice or just eat it on its own. The moussaka was my baby sister’s favorite because it had lots of cheese.

It was my mom’s and my siblings’ first time to eat these kinds of Mediterranean dishes. My mom says I will enroll in Chef Ernest’s class again next week. I guess she liked the food I took home.

Mediterranean Cooking with Chef Ernest Reynoso Gala- Two thumbs up!