The Healthy Kidchen

My charity, The Healthy Kidchen

My family started a charity, The Healthy Kidchen, in August 2011 We have two main goals:

  • to feed and nourish less privileged children in the Philippines
  • to empower and educate children about healthy food and how it can affect their physical emotional and intellectual  well-being.

Giving carrot cupcakes and juice

Our theme is  : ” Kids cooking for kids”. I, along with my sisters Zoe and  Zia , my brother Oz and  my mom prepare recess for kids and give them away to children at Holy Spirit Elementary School, a public school in Barangay Holy Spirit.

We provided recess for at least 50 kids at a time every Friday.

We provide food based on what we can afford. However, due to lack of funds, we have terminated this activity with the school. Nonetheless, we extend food to street children every time we have extra funds available to share.
In the future, we hope to feed more kids in the streets. This is possible with the help of donations from anybody- individual, group or company that has the heart to give  a little of their blessings to young children in need.

Giving sandwiches and bananas

You can support out charity by sending donations to:

Charmagne M. Feria
Bank of the Philippine Islands
0429 2477 99
You may also donate in kind. We will mention your name here and provide you with receipts for expenses and also photos of the event.
Thank you very much!

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    • Hello mam.
      You can find those knives at the Kitchen Section of Landmark at Trinoma Mall. I do not know if those knives are available in other department stores because I only go to Trinoma. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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